A Portal of CRISPR-Cas9 Mediated Genome Editing

Data format

Our analysis results are stored in BED format with 6 columns.

  1. Chr, Chromosome names were kept the same as the genome annotation source we used: eg, rice chromosomes are labeled as Chr1, Chr2,...; sorghum chromosomes are named as chromosome_1, chromosome_2,...; tomato chromosomes are named as SL2.40ch01, SL2.40ch02, .....
  2. ChromStart, start coordinate of gRNA spacer paired region (protospacer).
  3. ChromEnd, end coordinate of gRNA spacer paired region (protospacer).
  4. Name, this is not a real sequence name. We use this column to store minMM_GG and minMM_AG value in a format of "minMM_GG:minMM_AG".
  5. Score, spacer sequence specificity score ranges from 1 (lowest specificity) to 10 (highest specificity). The value was calculated based on minMM_GG and minMM_AG.
  6. Strand, chromosome strand of PAM.

Downloading link

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