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Project Summary
The long term goal of this project is to develop an experimentally tractable and closed model system to globally unravel and understand the evolution, physiology and biochemistry of the genus Oryza.

The specific objectives of this proposal are to:
Construct DNA fingerprint/BAC-end sequence physical maps from 11 deep coverage BAC libraries that represent the 11 wild genomes of Oryza (830,000 fingerprints; 1,659,000 BAC ends)
align the 11 physical maps with the sequenced reference subspecies japonica and indica.
construct high-resolution physical maps of rice chromosomes 1, 3 and 10 across the 11 wild genomes using a combination of hybridization and in silico anchoring strategies.
provide convenient bioinformatics research and educational tools (FPC and web-based) to rapidly access and understand the collective Oryza genome.

This project has been funded by NSF award #: 0321678

Principal Investigators
Rod A. Wing, University of Arizona, Arizona Genomics Institute
Scott A. Jackson, Purdue University
Lincoln D.Stein, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cari Soderlund, University of Arizona, Arizona Genomics Computational Laboratory
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